2017 Stewardship Sundays

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Stewardship Sundays Begin—Oct. 1st!

Our 2017 Stewardship Sundays will focus on one powerful word:  Committed! How committed are you to Jesus, the Gospel, and our church family? How committed are you to being a good and faithful steward?

Each week we will be refreshed and inspired from God’s Word during our Sunday school at 10 am, morning worship at 11 am, and evening worship at 6 pm.  We also will have our “Going Deeper” Bible studies on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm. So, let’s be present for the services and be ready to grow together in our stewardship!

Speaker Schedule:

10/1:  Dr. Charles Shoemaker 

During the Sunday services, we will see how commitment is essential to being a faithful steward!

10/8:  Pastor Mike Ramondetta

During the Sunday services, we will see how to grow in our commitment!

10/15:  Missionary Larry Appleby: World Missions Sunday!

During our joint adult Sunday school class at 10 am, and both services, Brother Larry will focus on our commitment to stewarding the Gospel of Jesus, which includes world missions!  At 6 pm we will have our National Church Planting Month service and receive a special offering!

10/22:  Pastor Mike Ramondetta  

On Commitment Sunday, we will renew our commitments together as a church family!